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We give you the possibility to complete our course in person so you can learn more directly the processes the products follow in their entire journey, from the seed plantation, until they reach the final consumer.

Training programme

  • Theorical part
      Organizational bases of PURCHASES, the specific nature of the UltrFresh segment and the execution of the main objectives of the Purchasing Department such as turnover growth, stable growth of the margin, continuity of supply and maximum credits and turnover, among others.
      Conventional, Ecological, Integrated.
      Types and properties of fruits and vegetables, plantation, harvest, preservation, transportation and packing.
      Principles of Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Self-monitoring systems, Food safety based on ISO 22000, Different food safety standards (BRC, IFS, FSSC 22000, quality marks), Conservation methods, 4M method, Cleaning, disinfection and hygiene. Reception and storage of goods, EEC country codes and reception rules at points of sale. Creation of own system of reception and storage taking into account initial data and norms of producing countries.
      Preparation and presentation of products in different points of sale. Buyer's advice and latest sales trends. Organization of products in different formats of supermarkets.
  • Practical part
      You will take a professional trip to visit seedlings.
      You will make a professional trip to visit plantations and/or in greenhouses (according to season) of vegetables and fruits of cultivated varieties in the area of Andalucía and south of Murcia. The attendees will have the opportunity to visit farms in production and, through a technical talk, be able to discover all the aspects of cultivation.
      You will visit different handling facilities, see the process of reception of goods, its classification, its handling and packaging of the different types of fruits and vegetables, with special emphasis on the traceability mechanisms and quality controls of ISO products.
      We will arrange a visit to a reception and distribution platform for one of the supermarket chains. You will also visit the auction and the Wholesale Market.
  • Exams
      We make sure that you have acquired the necessary knowledge with our multiple choice exams.
  • Diploma
      We will grant you a diploma of passing our program that accredits your knowledge in the horticultural world.